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Let’s launch your business online. Build your own e-book store.

We have studied dozens of markets so that we can easily build a succesfull e-commerce project that suits your business needs and goals.

We can build your own e-commerce from scratch.

Estival GMBH is a great platform that can help you build an online store with all service stack such as design, marketing, including tools with detailed strategies, instructions and support. It’s based on an online-platform with distribution digital books.

We provide popular and effective digital books in some of the most profitable niches because they are proven to change over. Find the needed content or category with special courses for yourself or your business and reach your audience with valuable content. Many of our books have been written by experienced writers.

We Inspire People

ESTIVAL offers all-in one service package to build your personal online store and make it efficiently profitable.

We can build online store and jumpstart your business.

Don't know where to start to achieve your business ambitions or goals? The reason is simple. You're uninformed. In order to decide you have to know about your possibilities first. The solution is simple, let us help you to launch your own e-commerce project and we can be your partner in providing sources of wide sources of e-books. All you need is to build an online store and that’s what we can do for you!

Estival GMBH is the owner of the books and has all rights to use them for its clients. Browse for the latest and well-researched books available and flip them for profits. Enjoy instant access with our online-platform so you can integrate it in your business instantly.


Digital ebooks


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Professional employees


Business partners

Our service

Developing business strategy

Conducting a strategy session is the most effective and fastest way to solve business problems. Conducting a strategic session helps to develop a business strategy, form a marketing strategy, determine the strategic advantages of the business, areas of difficulty and development, and find non-trivial ways to solve any problem.

Marketing analytics

We find out what consumers want and help our clients take advantage of it. At the end of the project, we give the customer a detailed report with recommendations. We use all kinds of research tools and methods, including: focus groups, express surveys, mass surveys and content research. Our marketing analytics also includes: conversions, clicks, postbacks and work with affiliates.

Unique domains

Conducting a strategy session is the most effective and fastest way to solve business problems. Conducting a strategic session helps to develop a business strategy, form a marketing strategy, determine the strategic advantages of the business, areas of difficulty and development, and find non-trivial ways to solve any problem.

  • Attaching custom domains

  • Free mail on your domain

  • Free SSL certificate

Billing & payments

Our online billing team comes with everything you need, from issuing invoices and recording payments to frequent archive reports.

  • Encrypted connections
  • Database replication
  • Cloud instances
  • Your data is safe

Advertising & business promotion

We develop, not invent advertising. We collect information, carefully analyze, define communication tasks — and only then select a creative idea that will solve them. We do everything: media strategies, complex advertising campaigns, individual products: videos and radio spots, layouts for the press, OOH advertising, materials for BTL promotions and much more.

Web & graphic design

We graphically solve the client's marketing problems. We love purposeful design based on market and product analysis. We specialize in creating websites and developing applications, corporate style and logos, designing book covers, designing corporate souvenirs.

CRM development & maintaining your bussiness

Start selling online today, because we have already provided everything you need. Our technical department will develop a complete CPM-system specifically for your project. Moreover, even after the transfer of the project to you, we remain with you and will help support and SCALE your business further.

  • Customize the form to receive only important order details.

  • Choose convenient payment methods: bank cards, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or others. All of our billing tools can also be used for merchants doing BOX business in subscription.

Business intelligence

Build, Grow, and Scale faster than ever with Elastive. Straight Sale, Subscription Billing, Membership, Subscription Box, One-Click Upsells and much more:

  • Get detailed business analytics, building databases
  • Fraud Prevention
  • User fingerprint integration
  • Transaction risks

See your plan from prelaunch to hyperscale


Go Beyond Affiliates

  • Track every channel's performance
  • Manage more types of partners
  • Prevent coupon poaching
  • Understand what drives results

B2B Partnerships

Grow Your Relationships

  • Onboard your strategic partnerships
  • Connect your CRM data
  • Align payouts to pipeline stages
  • Attribute customer expansion events

Ad Networks

Manage Everything At Scale

  • Customize your white label platform
  • Scale mobile, affiliate & lead gen offers
  • Easily drill down into data
  • Set rules for automatic fraud blocking

Track and analyze everything

All Channels

Track users from any channel when they reach your website using Direct Linking.


Attribute the performance, engagement, and expansion events driven by partners.

Organic Traffic

Understand the performance and engagement from your existing traffic sources.

Media Buying

Connect & optimize Google Ads, Facebook, and TikTok through integrations.



We offer the best conditions for a joint business partnership and value our reputation among both clients and partners. It is important for us to build a relationship on which mutual trust and loyalty rest.


Starting your business online is very difficult when you are new and don't know all the nuances, and it can take months to figure out how to launch e-commerce. That is why our service can provide you with all services in one, from building a business plan, analytics and strategy to design and marketing, as well as further development of your business!

Great Support 24/7

Fix and resolve issues as quickly as possible so the customer is satisfied with the service. We look ahead of the curve to overstep any issues that might arise on the customer's or business partner’s journey.

Why Estival?

Find Inspiration

Saving time

The ESTIVAL company will help you implement any online project from scratch. A team of qualified specialists will develop a site on any popular platform according to your needs and wishes - from an online store to a corporate portal.

The development of an online store with a full range of services is a business solution that allows you to reduce time and get your income project ready on a turnkey basis.

Ready-to-use business

B2B site development is a business solution that allows you to reduce the time managers spend on order formation, because all business processes are automated, from receiving applications to data processing and document processing. The quality of service will improve due to the fact that all your goods and services will be available at any time to customers connected to the portal.


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